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Across The Ocean

by Dustin Thomas

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Once 03:03
Once I was driving I let the world fall apart around me I had given up on faith I had given up on life I was blind and behind This was in the summer Where summer light, war blinding I was searching for a faith I was having trouble finding As tires spun and cried Deluded so did I But I kept driving I kept driving Once There was a girl Seven years old Beautiful and wild Chasing RC cars down the boulevard In Pillager A car came down the street, It stuck her She flew fifteen feet Landed on cold concrete Her parents thought she died She forgot three years of her life but survived She survived No, I don't know what happens in this life I don't understand these times But I try to get by and look up to the sky And hope in time... I can open my eyes Can you explain that? He's not coming home Do you know that? If you've given up on faith, If you've given up on life, Just keep trying.
Pretty little girl, You're always on my mind That's where I saw you first Where I see you all the time Pressed against the floor I swear I feel you there Your legs wrapped round my waist My fingers through your hair It feels so right According to the newspaper The world's gone postal A couple of guys got the whole world in choke holds Made a world of money and made it go broke CITY FOR SALE See what they bought it with? Couple of drums of oil, no problem. Countries out of line? Start bombing them. It's like the world's got a drinking problem. ...and I thought I could ask you out... In the end it will all work out, Wonder why? If fire is the forecast for our lives, Then we will be the rain Girl stand, I offer you my hand Please feel the reign No more shame No pain No doubt I know somehow it will all work out Then I'll sing your name for all my days You have me. Precious little girl You're always on my mind I see you in my dreams So now I'm dreaming all the time Pressed against the floor Society so bare You were protesting the war With a ribbon in your hair You feel so right We got a CITY FOR SALE Come and see what they bought it with A couple of drums of oil, No problem. It's like the world has got a cocaine problem Countries out of line Start bombing them Things change Fortune and Fame Hope to god they don't stay the same Don't know how they're ever gonna change All I know is when I sing, your face ...I thought I could wear you around as my bride... In the end it will all work out Praise the night If fire is the forecast for our lives Then be the rain Stand I offer you my hand And all of my heart I want you to know, No more pain No shame No doubt I know somehow it will all work out Until I offer you my hand Sing in the rain, You have me. I'll be the rain
Oil Raids 04:35
My father was a soldier for the oil raids He used to gaurd the pipelines He fought the battle of the modern age And drove over a land mine He walked away From the cold steel train The hellfire and black rain Waving his banner on the desert plain Whispering in god's name I got home in time to see the control They broadcasted all day Masons on the street Giving code handshakes And whispering in the side bays Of all the elections money could buy This one was a landslide Of all the gold in human kind This one was a gold mine No one ever told you in this poor life You'd ever get the chance to go back in time And all of us will fade As "evolved things die" But this could be our battle cry I got grown I got a wife and home My daughter must be your age She planted seeds when she was just thirteen On her brother's anniversery Apples grew, great They used to fill our plates She watered them so lovingly Until Adam came with the soil and chains To fufill the debt that Eve made No one ever told you in this poor life You'd ever get the chance to go back in time All of us will fade, yeah? "Evolved things die" But you keep an open mind
As you walk through this dark, dark, night Seeing is believing But you can't believe your eyes As you walk through the flames Shepard's fire calls your name And you run But you don't look behind Because you're running all the time How could I feel ashamed? When no one's left Who still fufills this pain How could I even know? I'd just be saying what you already know Across the ocean She waits for me My love, oh when will you return to me? Oh, come one baby please NO MORE SLEEPING AS ENEMIES This is just the way it's got to be You and I Can go outside And take some time And see what is for sale As you look In those cold, dark, nights I'm captured by the way Your hair falls down your face But you walk through the flames Every fire calls your name And you sink But you don't even try How come you never say goodbye? How could I feel this way? There's no one left who says the things you say How could I even know? I'd just be playing games you already know Across the ocean She waits for me My love, and everyone that lies between Oh come on baby, please Let's do this right You stay the night And you'll see Oh come on babe, Don't be this way, please How could you be so mean to be? Baby? I mean. How could you be so beautiful? Baby?


Across The Ocean, Part 1...

This is a series of songs that I never intended to write. As they developed, I developed. As they began to grow, I myself began to change. What resulted was 4 separate yet connected stories about unique individuals scattered across the world by war and the struggles and triumphs they face in the course of modern day life. These are tales of real people. This is not fiction.

From the opening "Once" we meet a middle aged man who, distracted by his circumstance and too emotional to be driving, hits a little girl in the small town of Pillager.

Next, in "City For Sale," we meet two young lovers who find their relationship divided by the madness of the world after a protest gone wrong. Imprisoned in their polarized lifestyles, each makes their own separate oaths to allow love to prevail over fear and darkness and to find each other once more.

"Oil Raids" brings us a family history, where we are given the perspective of a soldier abroad, who barely escaping death, returns home to find that the country he left is no longer a country he recognizes. Enveloped in an increasingly pessimistic and arrogant society, he resigns to remain a soldier of the heart; fighting to preserve the truths he refuses to compromise.

The installment comes to a conclusion with "Across The Ocean." A love letter. It is here the story rests, to be continued in the next chapter...



released June 21, 2011

All lyrics, music, and songs, by Dustin Thomas.
All art by Chris Cook.
All engineering, recording, and mixing, by Eric Latterell.


all rights reserved



Dustin Thomas Hilo, Hawaii

Dustin Thomas is a traveling singer-songwriter. He's been to some pretty cool places and met some pretty cool people along the way. He makes beat-boxy, soulful, catchy folk songs and writes a lot about faith, love, and war. For more information email: dustinthomasmusic@gmail.com ... more

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